It has been my privilege to work with Jack as a customer and a friend in the geothermal industry for nearly 30 years. Through this time Jack has been the prime mover in the development of pumps for our industry. From the drawing board to the field application, Jack took it upon himself to understand and guide every step of the design & development process including every detail of the field installation, operation, failure analysis and redesign. He has hands-on familiarity with not only the pumps but the wells they go in and the equipment and the people who install them, operate them and repair them. If he looks a little weather-beaten, it's because of a lot of hard days and nights in the field.

Simply stated, he is the world's expert on geothermal production well pumps and their applications.

More importantly, Jack is a man of character. He is driven by a genuine desire to provide a quality product and to help his customers achieve success and he is quick to give credit to the ITT Goulds Pumps team for the support that makes it possible for Jack to do what he does for our industry.

Bob Verity, Ormat Nevada Inc. 


As far as GeothermEx is concerned you are the best expert in the Geothermal Pump business.

Subir Sanyal, GeothermEx Inc.


Goulds Pumps and Frost Consulting have played a large role in the imminent successful startup of the Raft River Unit 1 geothermal power plant. Goulds Pumps and Frost Consulting offered a record of quality equipment, customer service, and long-term reliability that was the deciding factor in the selection of Goulds Pumps and went far beyond the letter of the contract.

Jack's assistance has been an enormous asset to US Geothermal, including his willingness to come to the site and supervise running the pumps into the wells. While at the site, Jack conducted training on downhole pumps and provided hands-on training for the operating staff while the pump was being installed.

Jack is dedicated to the success of his customers, and will work whatever hours and tackle whatever tasks are required to ensure that success.

Kevin Kitz, US Geothermal Inc.


As I was told years ago, Jack Frost is the geothermal pump expert and you have proven it on our NGP Faulkner Geothermal Power project. Jack's patience, dedication, hard work and many long hours and days to our project has concluded with the successful operation of our production wells. It has been a pleasure working with someone with such dedication and we look forward to our continued relationship.

Max Walenciak, Nevada Geothermal Power


Jack Frost designed a lineshaft for the Landau, Germany geothermal plant for Bestec GmbH. He personally supervised the installation and start-up with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism. The pump design turned out to be well adapted to the hydraulic and temperature conditions in the Landau reservoir as Jack had predicted. All operations from pump installation to plant start-up were conducted as planned and without incident. Without his broad knowledge, advice and support this would not have been possible.

Dr. Jorg Baumgartner, Bestec GmbH (Germany)


I just wanted to thank you, Jack, for all of your help, now and over the years. You have been a great teacher and a source of inspiration for me.

Shawn Henry, Magma Energy Inc.





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